ETS Obstacle Competition

Equine Trail Sports Obstacle Competitions


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Pre-Registration for Obstacle Course Competitions will be available through the Equine Trail Sports website.

$40.00 Competitor (Adult)
$20.00 Competitor (Student)
$20.00 Companion Rider

LATE On-site REGISTRATION:+ $10 late fee

Regional and National awards for equine and rider based on Ranking Points.
Lifetime recognition and awards for equine and rider based on Placement Points.
Mileage is tracked from each event for your use.
The ability to register unlimited horses in your account at no additional charge.
An Equine Trail Sports Bracket Card and Decal mailed to you.
The ability to enter exciting tournaments awarding additional cash/prizes.

Daypass membership offers you all of the same benefits as an annual membership with the exception of the bracket card and decal, and provides a pricing structure of paying per event.

Membership is free to ages 7-22.
Annual membership purchase is good for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Free to register an unlimited number of horses on each account.
You can purchase a membership for just the day, or for 1 or 2 years.

Rider 1 Year 2 Year (20% off) Daypass
Adult (23+) $25.00 $40.00 $10.00
Student (7 – 22) free free free

Upon approach of each obstacle, you inform the judge of the Challenge Level that best suits you and your equine, allowing you to best showcase your equine, helping you achieve success.  Obstacles are not timed!

  1. SELECT A CHALLENGE LEVEL at each obstacle.ets
  2. RECEIVE A SCORE from the judge.  Max 20 points per obstacle; 10 for the equine, 10 for the rider.  A plus(+) may be given to equine and/or rider for anything from an exemplary try to an exemplary performance.
  3. YOUR OBSTACLE SCORE is multiplied by the Challenge Level’s corresponding weighted factor.
  4. YOUR BRACKET is determined by the sum of the Challenge Levels selected.


Bracket Challenge Level Weighted Factor Challenge Level Total Average
Challenge Level
6 obstacles 7 obstacles 8 obstacles 9 obstacles 10 obstacles
Novice 1 1.00 6-9 7-10 8-12 9-13 10-15 ~1.5
Intermediate 2 1.30 10-14 11-17 13-19 14-22 16-24 in between
Advanced 3 1.65 15-18 18-21 20-24 23-27 25-30 2.5+

For More information about ETS visit their website at


meridian jumpsObstacle course will be held in our 150 x 250 outdoor arena and neighboring paddock

Complete with 8-12 obstacles chosen from the approved ETS Obstacle list




Limited number of stalls will be available.barn6

Concessions will be available onsite.






RV and Camper hookups are available  at the nearby State Park Cedars of Lebanon located only 3 miles from Meridian Equine Education Center. Information and Reservations for camping can be made thru the parks website at